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...Typical Daily Activities...
  • Children are greeted and invited to play in any area that interests them.

  • A short sharing time during which attendance is taken and children are introduced to new materials.

  • Activity time is when different learning centers are set up for individual / small group learning. For example:

    • The math area will have games/projects involving numbers, sets, shapes, etc.

    • The perception small group will usually have puzzles, peg boards and similar activities designed to stimulate their visual acuity. 

    • Art activities, typically includes painting, coloring, cutting, pasting and similar fun and educational activities.

    • Snack Table: Of course this is a favorite every day, with 6 chairs at the table for children to sit and enjoy a snack when they're hungry.

    • Science/Social Studies: Various units of study are offered during the year that may involve field trips to enhance their knowledge of science, social studies and other educational subjects.

    • A quiet time for stories, finger plays, poems and puzzles enriches each day.​​

    • Music is an important and fun part of each day as children and teachers sing songs, play simple instruments and utilize recordings. In addition, once a week our music teacher "Mrs. Music" visits each class.

    • Children participate in indoor and outdoor activities as part of their movement education.

  • And finally, children help to clean up after each activity and gather together near the end of the day for dismissal.

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